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Sub-regions of Maharashtra[edit]

Maharashtra is subdivided in six division articles, which in turn are subdivided in 35 district articles. Most of the district articles are empty or have only one city. This structure makes the state quite messy. Therefore, I suggest that we change the structure as follows:

  1. Eliminate the district level implying that we only have one level of subdivision of the state, namely the Division level
  2. Split out Mumbai Metropolitan Region (covering Greater Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Thane and Raigad Districts) from Konkan Division

This means that at least Mumbai Metropolitan Region will have more than nine cities. But I think this is a small price to pay for eliminating all those empty district articles. Thoughts on this is most welcome. ClausHansen 18:18, 4 January 2010 (EST)

I wonder if using the administrative divisions may be too unstable for Wikitravel. It seems that 6 administrative divisions are about to become 7, with the creation of the Nanded Division on 5 January 2009, according to Wikipedia:Maharashtra#Divisions_and_regions. That article and the Wikipedia article about Regions and Divisions of Maharashtra gives just 5 geographical regions, based on history and politics:
  • Vidarbha Region - (Nagpur and Amravati divisions) - (Old Berar Region)
  • Marathwada Region - (Aurangabad Division, and the yet to be constituted Nanded Division)
  • Khandesh and Northern Maharashtra Region - (Nashik Division)
  • Desh or Western Maharashtra Region - (Pune division) and
  • Konkan Region - (Konkan Division, including Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban Area)
Also, rather than having separate articles about Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban Area, why not ignore the administrative boundaries and consider all of Mumbai to be a single huge city that is split into Wikitravel district articles for each sector of the city that is of interest.
After all, the Wikitravel:Geographical hierarchy suggests that we should choose a geographic breakdown in preference to a political one. Frequently, the geographic and political breakdown options are interweaved, as it is logical to use natural geographic features as the borders between separate administrative areas, but in this case I think there is more stability with a geographical rather than a political subdivision. The other advantage is that the geographical names are mostly different from the divisions, so it is unambiguous what the breakdown is. - Huttite 18:59, 8 January 2010 (EST)
That is fine with me. As I see it, the only change you suggest is to merge Amravati into Vidarbha. I do not understand your suggestion on Mumbai, it is already considered a huge city split into Wikitravel district articles, please clarify which change you suggest on Mumbai. ClausHansen 03:28, 9 January 2010 (EST)