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TAT Listings[edit]

Moved TAT listings that clutter the page to Talk:Mae Sot/Listings for future reference. --globe-trotter 23:37, 2 February 2010 (EST)

Ban Thai listing[edit]

This text keeps getting edited out w/o explanation by

"The Manager, Thant is a good source of information about the local schools (of which there are over 50) that work with Burmese refugee children. Do NOT leave tips for maids with Thant; he will keep the money for himself; the maids Never receive your tip. Thant is not the kind man he pretends to be."

I haven't been to Ban Thai or even Mae Sot and have no idea whether the info is accurate or not, but I don't like unexplained edits. Can someone please discuss what to do with this kind of plus-and-minus review that includes specific accusations? For your reference, this is the apparently uncontroversial beginning of the listing:

  • Ban Thai, down a soft gravel alley, with a very peaceful atmosphere. Rooms are clean, but Air Con does not seem available.

One option to avoid an edit war is to simply delete the whole listing, but it would be best to just clear up this controversy. Thanks, everyone. Ikan Kekek 10:42, 8 August 2011 (EDT)

Lusy's Home GuestHouse photo[edit]

Nice photo, but I'm concerned that it or its caption may constitute advertising and run afoul of Wikitravel's policy on commercial images[1]. Your comments, everyone? Ikan Kekek 06:16, 4 March 2012 (EST)