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Can you really take the bus all the way from Cuzco to Machu Picchu now??? In 2000 the only way on from km 92? (a little way past Ollantaytambo) was by train. I haven't heard of any change since, and can't find any other references on the Interent. I'll check some up-to-date guidebooks later this week. DanielC 17:45, 15 May 2005 (EDT)

nope. we were there in october and the only way is to walk the trail or get the train.

I talked to a guy who walked over the railway early in the morning before the trains started running to save the $44. That's the only alternative I know of. Ronald 21:56, 1 Feb 2006 (EST)
I did both foot way tracks... neither is official.. one is from the backside (via santa theresa) the other on the railway tracks -- Andreas Klinger
Lonely Planet discusses an alternative option in detail. The PeruRail really is a monopoly and by the way it's $46USD one way for extranjeros as of now. Was back from there last week and it was so crowded that my friend and I got really fed up. There is no need to stay there (Agua Calientes) overnight. Get there in the morning and leave for the 5pm train. Beware of the mixed price schedules the bolletos tell you about if you have to change your tickets. It gets sketchy. I left my backpack there and managed to get it back in Cuzco the next day with my broken spanish. The staff are actually quite friendly and professional when you need help. (Sometimes we had to act pissed or helpless to receive serious attention.) Finally I must add that the train has the world's most foolish design with lack of footspace consideration. An extremely uncomfortable 4 hr trip each way. The zigzag rail up and down the hill towards Cuzco is quite a gimmick. Some other railway company PLEASE operate on this route and improve the seating!!!! Feel free to email me at sacredieu at aim dot com if you need help! -- 16 July 2007

Cuzco or Aguas Calientes[edit]

I cut out the following hotel, but I'm not sure it belongs in Cuzco or in Aguas Calientes -- Ronald 20:37, 3 Feb 2006 (EST)

  • El Real Condesa - This hotel cost me s/50 per night for a double room. Breakfast is s/5 or s/6. It is in an old spanish house and creaks heaps, everything is old and spanish. If you like that kind of atmosphere, stay here. It is in San Augustin street, near the little plaza at the end. There is an @ sign hanging in the door.

Where the article says that it's easily $100 to go to MP, i'd recommend raising that to at least $150-200 USD. For 2008, the train is going to be $96 round trip, and with the drop in valuation of the dollar versus the Nuevo Sol, the entrance to the ruins is about $40 now. Add in a hotel at Aguascalientes and your food, your up to nearly $200.

Huayna Picchu - Dangers[edit]

This is a todo for me, or anyone else who can find the information. After hiking up this little mountain and seeing the type of people that are making the attempt, I am convinced that many people must die each year falling off the top/trail. I've seen reference in various TT threads to a government report on the topic, but no actual link to the report. Maybe if I spoke Spanish I might get further :) Ryleyb 12:54, 19 June 2006 (EDT)