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I'm not sure if a street gets it's own article. OK, I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Anyone wanna object before I move this stuff into the London article? Or suggest a district where it belongs? thanks Majnoona

Oxford Street in London is a good example of many streets in many cities that do deserve their own article, in my opinion.... Think of Broadway or Fifth Avenue in NYC, or the Champs Elysee in Paris. Or even Oxford Street in Sydney.... = the well-known gay strip in that city. In these cases, the street has taken on an indentity of its own and represents an area, or even several areas unified by that particular thoroughfare. London's Oxford Street, for example, passes from the outskirts of Bloomsbury all the way down to the top of Mayfair and represents the main shopping street in London for the average punter.... So I think there is a case to have streets as articles! Perhaps we should discuss this one a little longer..... Pjamescowie

Well, let's think here. Haight Street in San Francisco is a name often applied to the whole San Francisco/Haight-Ashbury district. People say "He lives on Haight Street" when in fact the person's address may be on Page Street or Belvedere or whatever. similarly, San Francisco/Castro is often called "Castro Street".
If that's the case with Oxford Street -- people use the name of the street as shorthand for the name of the district -- that's pretty cool. I'd prefer to see a name for the district that didn't have "Street" in it, if possible, just to avoid confusion. But if not, that's OK.
If the article is just about the literal street, and the shops on it, I think that's too fine-grained for Wikitravel. See Wikitravel:What is an article? for details of about what we think the subjects of articles should be. (Note: not all articles on Wikitravel conform to this; we try to either fix those articles or fix the What is an article? page to adjust, as the case may be).

OK, I can buy it better if we just think of it as a district. Like in San Francisco we have "Castro Street" and "Market Street" but we think of them as The Castro (District) and Downtown. I imagine there is stuff (shops, restaurants etc) that you'd say are "On Oxford Street" that aren't _actually_ on Oxford Street. Alternately, we could put this on London and if it really gets that big, split it out then. That's what I'd suggest doing with Champs Elysee ansd Broadway as well. Thoughts? Majnoona

Lastly, let's consider moving this discussion to Wikitravel talk: What is an article?. -- Evan 08:07, 11 Nov 2003 (PST)
If you like, but first I going to wiegh in and say that Oxford Street is in fact a neighborhood, more than a street. Carnaby street is the same way. I've never heard anybody refer to them without the word "Street"in the names. -- Uchuha 08:14, 2003 Nov 11 (PST)