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A district of a district?[edit]

So when I look at what links here, Northwest London does. When I look at Northwest London, it says Hampstead is a district within the district of Northwest London. So, with that in mind, should this be double slashed as London/Northwest London/Hampstead? Or is Hampstead really a small city? I'm going to template it as a small city and leave the other questions to someone that has much more of a clue about its true nature to make a decision. -- Ilkirk 09:09, 23 Aug 2005 (EDT)

It's a borough...[edit]

Just seen the previous post - I'm not sure that it can be described as a 'small city'. It's in the borough of Camden, which encompasses - amongst other places - King's Cross, parts of the West End, Barnet, etc etc....

Any more thoughts on this one, and what about expanding the rest of the section on NW London? (Like Cricklewood, hint hint! I would do it but im stretched for time!)