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I've been dropping by the Kuching page once every now and then, and today I dropped in and noticed that some changes have been made to the article. I commend the user who made the changes for making an effort, but I would also like to point out my dismay at the fact that (1) the article is too long (2) it contains copyright violations, as pointed out by WikiTravel (3) the Arts, Entertainment and Culture and Education sections have been removed.

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360 Hotel[edit]

Is there something wrong with the 360 Hotel, since an anon user keeps deleting it? The website's alive and accepting reservations... Jpatokal 05:45, 27 December 2008 (EST)

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There's just way too much info on the languages of Kuching. Most of this belongs in the phrasebooks or at least the top-level Sarawak article: Jpatokal 05:52, 27 December 2008 (EST)

Bahasa Bidayuh[edit]

Bidayuh people are found mostly in Kuching and Samarahan division. In Kuching, you can found them at most places, especially in the area of Padawan. Bidayuh in Kuching speaks different dialects. Their dialects reflect where their origin is. Bidayuh from one dialect or origin mostly cannot converse in other dialects or origins although they speak the same Bahasa Bidayuh. Main dialects of Bidayuh are Bidayuh Sadong (from Serian district) and Bidayuh Bau (from Bau district).

Bahasa Melanau[edit]

Melanau people in Kuching are mostly migrates from central region of Sarawak. They normally cross marriage with Kuchingites Malay forming the generation of Kuchingites Melanau today. Bahasa Melanau is just like Bahasa Bidayuh. Melanau from one dialect or origin mostly cannot converse in other dialects or origins although they speak the same Bahasa Melanau. Main dialects of Melanau are Melanau Mukah (from Mukah district), Melanau Dalat (from Dalat district) and Melanau Bintulu (from Bintulu district).

Other indigenous languages[edit]

There are some indigenous languages that you might experience to listen to when you are in Kuching. For example Sebako and various Orang Ulu languages and dialects like Kenyah, Kayan and Kelabit. Speaking in these native languages is not necessary since that most of them can speak fluent Malay or other languages. However, if you are able to speak in their languages, it will be much better for your advantage in trading with these folks.