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I removed the following section from the article; it'd be nice if folks could find a way to integrate its information. --Evan 09:50, 14 March 2007 (EDT)

DONT BUY A PACKAGE TOUR TO BAMBOO ISLAND THAT INCLUDES THE COOKING OF FOOD ON BAMBOO ISLANDS BEACHES. THESE TOURS ARE DESTROYING THE ISLAND. If you wish to travel to Koh Russei please DON'T buy travel tickets from Eco Trek Tours at Mick and Craigs restaurant beside the golden lion roundabout. What a joke, their boat agents (drivers) trash the island with the leftover rubbish from the food they serve YOU on the Package Tour they will try to sell YOU for $10. The only people who care about the island and the rubbish problem is Romney tours and Coasters. Last year Coasters sent back 30 boatloads of rubbish to be recycled on the mainland where there are plenty of recycling centers available ....all this rubbish was left behind on Bamboo Island by YOU the unwitting tourists who participated in one of these ECO package tours which involves the cooking of food on the beach. DONT BUY A PACKAGE TOUR THAT INCLUDES THE COOKING OF FOOD ON BAMBOO ISLANDS BEACHES. THESE TOURS ARE DESTROYING THE ISLAND. The best way to take advantage of this beautiful location is to travel on a non food return ticket. The cost from Coasters is $6 return. There is a small restaurant on the Island. Prices are very competitive, food is very good and all the rubbish is recycled every day by the restaurant owners. You can find further information on Two years ago this beach was a veritable rubbish dump. Thanks to the ongoing and concerted effort by Coasters and Romney the island improves day by day. The beach is now rubbish free EXCEPT for the areas where the tour boats cook the food for the day tour package.If you decide to travel with the package tour agents including food PLEASE ask your boat driver to remove the leftover rubbish from your tour when you are leaving the island.

Access to Island[edit]

As per the latest edit, it is not possible to get to the island. Any further input on this? Is it temporary? Is there a point to keep the article if people can´t go there anymore? Should info be incorporated in the Sihanoukville article? Adzas (talk) 15:17, 20 September 2015 (EDT)