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I am editing my entry, having now read the helpful guidelines, and understanding the ethos of this informative site..removing the double web link and extended description. Sabai Sabai's bar is well known in it own right so shall keep this information Hudge79 10:13, 29 July 2012 (EDT)

Erroneous Ko Chang reference?[edit]

Hi, I was reading this entry about Ko Phayam and something appears wrong to me. In the introduction section, there is a mention that Ko Chang is the largest island off the Andaman coast. Ko Chang is not on the Andaman coast, nor is it near Ko Phayam, so I am quite confused, but not confident enough to make these changes myself (I am new to wikitravel and don't know the editing process, how you guys work, etc.) Just wanted to point this out, maybe I am wrong but after an extensive search on google maps, I think there is an issue with the content on this entry. Thank you for your time. I will leave it to a more knowledgeable user to make the appropriate revisions if need be. - Tommy Pilon (Québec, Canada)

Tommy, there are (at least) two Koh Changs in Thailand. The one referred to is near Koh Phayam, not the bigger island in the Gulf of Thailand that you are thinking of