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Excellent guide! I'd never heard of this place.... great work! Majnoona 14:34, 22 Aug 2004 (EDT)

Nice day trip[edit]

My wife and I went on this day trip last Sunday 5/15/05 and found observing life along the river the most interesting aspect - children diving, adults bathing, dogs cooling themselves off. You see a wide swath of poverty (shacks) and wealth (beautiful carved teak homes) along the river and canals. On the island you can observer pottery being made, but it is not complex and not much more interesting than a community college ceramics class. The tour we took departing from Tha Chang (near the Royal Palace) cost only 200 Baht, but stopped numerous random riverside shops, including Thai sweets, floating vendors, and bizarrely, catfish feeding. It was a fun day on the water and a good way to see what the Thai middle class considers a fun Sunday outing.