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removing external links (@Wrh2)[edit]

You have also removed a link to official regional tourist info page - maintained by official regional authorities. I placed it back

Two concerns: the link that was restored appears to be an official link to the parent region (Silesia), and not to Katowice. Secondly, there should be one link to the most appropriate offcial site, placed after the first mention of Katowice; the second link is currently under "Get out", which is incorrect. I've reverted this change, but if the second link is "more" official, feel free to read Wikitravel:External links and make appropriate changes. -- Ryan 11:49, 26 February 2006 (EST)
Well I guess at most cases such rule (about one link) is proper though thats a problem about Katowice in my opinion. Katowice is not only a capital of Silesian voivodship (district) but is also a heart of biggest agglomeration in Poland. The cities and towns over here are located just about each other but formally they are separate so in fact it is hard to concern them separately. Tighter integration is currently in (very slow) progress as Upper-Silesian Metropolitan Union (polish) (see there a map) but no one knows when would it be finished. I know that there should be separate Wikitravel page devoted to agglometarion but as it is huge location having millions of habitants and it is hard to describe it reasonably quickly but on the other hand is worth at last to mention it and to point where we can find some additional info until there would be proper Wikitravel page. - I dont change anything - if i convicted You - do it - if not - don't. --- regards Przemek