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Woah! This got all listy--again, I have to ask, is this really helpful to most travellers? Personally it would scare me away from even looking further. Just like we don't want to list every restaurant in a city, we also don't need/want to list every possible political, geographical, cultrual, administrative, division and subdivision for a destination. I suggest again moving the district stuff to a Talk:Kaliningrad Oblast/hierarchy page until it's worked out. Majnoona 16:48, 1 Feb 2004 (EST)

Alternative banner test[edit]

Kaliningrad Oblast

Kaliningrad-Oblast Banner.jpg

Suggestion of the alternative banner for Kaliningrad Oblast page: current banner depicts not Kaliningrad Oblast but Lithuanian peninsula and only that narrow strip near horizon is in Kaliningrad Oblast; the place on current banner does not give neither general picture, nor relevant impression, nor the right mood about anything on Kaliningrad Oblast (nor about Lithuania). Suggested banner depicts essential aspects of the whole region of Kaliningrad Oblast: combination of a former German heritage (typical alley and red brick german houses) which are maintained by new inhabitants. Situation in the region in sense of photogenic views is getting worse, and only the capital thrive, so finding relevant and photogenic source is difficult indeed. --Local (talk) 18:58, 25 August 2015 (EDT)