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Great start! One question about the title though-- why "south-asia" and not "India" just cause you have Delhi as the final stop right now?

Maj, you gotta start signing your posts. Anyways, I wanted to point out that there's an itinerary article template, which might be of use here. --Evan 12:25, 19 Jan 2004 (EST) (<- LIKE THIS B-)

Article title[edit]

First off, I'd like to say that I'm very pleased with this article. It's been a lot of work and it shows.

One little nit, though -- the article says, right at the beginning, This intinerary describes the overland route from Istanbul, Turkey, to New Delhi, India. Maybe Istanbul to New Delhi over land would be a better article title? --Evan 04:02, 21 Jan 2004 (EST)

I agree with this one because it's more precise and to the point. It'll also be clearer to link it to connecting routes such as London to Istanbul overland and New Delhi to Kathmandu overland. BTW, shouldn't that be 'overland' instead of 'over land'? DhDh 12:25, 21 Jan 2004 (EST)

"Overland" is an adjective. "Over land" is a prepositional phrase acting as an adverb. So I think the space is correct. I'm not comfy with what "overland" means anyways... I like "by bus", "by rail", "by foot". But I grok that that's not always possible. --Evan 12:47, 21 Jan 2004 (EST)

Ok to rename the article. But is it overland or over land? Yann 17:05, 21 Jan 2004 (EST)
Even if to travel over land gets less results than to travel overland on Google, Evan is probably right in saying that "over land" is the correct one to use here. DhDh 17:58, 21 Jan 2004 (EST)
Then choose one or the other, and make a link. On English spelling and grammar, I will follow your opinion. Yann 04:36, 22 Jan 2004 (EST) Ok then, it is moved. Yann 04:58, 22 Jan 2004 (EST)
I'd say "overland" without the space is obviously correct. See Talk:Overland from Singapore to Shanghai Pashley 00:01, 4 May 2006 (EDT)

What is the ONG? NGO (non-government organization)? What are red news? -phma 08:27, 22 Jan 2004 (EST)

Oups, I thought this was used in English. What is the proper English term? Yann 10:56, 22 Jan 2004 (EST)
Proper English term for what? That's the question. --Evan 11:30, 22 Jan 2004 (EST)
Is red news anything like yellow journalism? ;-) -phma 22:53, 22 Jan 2004 (EST)

Times and lines[edit]

It'd be nice to give some rough times between waypoints on this itinerary. Also, it'd be great to move information about alternative routes and side-trips closer in the itinerary to where you'd actually take them. Lastly, I think we should avoid the temptation to put destination-guide information (including external links) into itineraries just because there's not a destination guide for the particular destination being mentioned.

This itinerary is really chugging along, by the way. --Evan 11:35, 22 Jan 2004 (EST)

Europe to India by Road Expedition?[edit]

Moved from travellers' pub by Evan


What about starting a Europe to India by Road Expedition? Or maybe there is a better name? There is specific information for people willing to make this wonderful and mythic trip which are of no interest to people who just want to visit one country. Yann 09:39, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)

I'm not sure that'd actually be an expedition. Expeditions are more like WikiPedia:Wikipedia:WikiProjects. But I'd agree that this would be an excellent itinerary. (Making mental note -- we need a Wikitravel:Itineraries page). --Evan 10:45, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)
I agree it would be a great itinerary. I'd like to do a Europe to South Africa one as well-- maybe we can combine the first part (Overland Europe to the Middle East or Overland Europe to the Edge of Asia?). Just want to make sure to avoid making lists for lists sake and have some useful content too... Majnoona
I am not sure which route you are going from Europe to South-Africa. But OK. I will start the Overland Europe to South-Asia. Yann 11:36, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)
Overland Europe to South-Asia is still a redirect. However, there are many ways to go from Europa to South-Asia. A bit less straightforward is probably Overland Moscow to New-Delhi, which I am interested in myself. Guaka 11:05, 29 Jan 2004 (EST)
Very interesting. Then suppress the redirect and make a list of all ways to go from Europe to South-Asia overland in this page. Yann 16:34, 29 Jan 2004 (EST)

First person articles for mining[edit]

At Talk:Istanbul to New Delhi over land/Part 1 and Talk:Istanbul to New Delhi over land/Part 2, these were in totally other articles but the comment indicated they were going to be mined for this. -- Hypatia 15:15, 9 Nov 2004 (EST)



This should be merged with Six months overland from Istanbul to Indonesia. Jpatokal 21:14, 7 Feb 2005 (EST)

Visa Fees[edit]

I updated the fees for visas to Iran, India, and Pakistan.

Trans-Asia Express and information needed for Zahedan-Quetta gap[edit]

There are trains (Vangölü Ekspresi/Lake Van Express) three times a week from Istanbul’s main Asian station (Haydarpaşa) to Tatvan, on the west coast of Lake Van, where you can find a ferry across the lake to Van city (on the east shore). From there on you can catch the train for Tabriz. There is also a once-weekly train service from Istanbul (Haydarpaşa) to Teheran (Trans-Asia Express). Trans-Asia is actually two different trains, in Haydarpaşa you board a Turkish train (on every wednesday at 22:00), ride it all along the northwest-southeast axis of Turkish soil until Tatvan, there you take the ferry and cross to Van and at Van station you get into the Iranian train (although you are in fact still in Turkey; you cross the border while you are inside this train) and ride it until Teheran. These trains cross the border on a more southern location than Doğubeyazıt, so you don’t have a chance to see Mount Ararat (but of course, there are many beautiful mountains along the route). Do you think this alternative should be attached to the Turkish leg of the route or is it definitely not a part of the “over land” concept?

I also would like to have some information about stocking supplies for the desert gap between Zahedan and Quetta. For example is it possible to buy water in 5-litre PET bottles, biscuits, chocolate bars and canned food in Zahedan easily and cheaply? Or should they be taken from some other, bigger place, for example Kerman? Are there any restrictions on what can be brought into Pakistan? Some countries have restrictions on bringing any or over some amount of processed or unprocessed food into. If it is this case with Pakistan, then are there any good establishment to buy these kinds of stocks after you have passed the border into Pakistan? If there is, is it “tourist price”? Can someone with the knowledge please add some about these into the article? 15:14, 28 May 2007 (EDT)

I've added Trans-Asia Express info, but I'm afraid I can't help you with the other stuff. Jpatokal 21:57, 28 May 2007 (EDT)

All afghan men carry automatic weapons?[edit]

Does the sort of statement relating to afghan men and weapons really belong here? All is a strong word, never mind the emphasis. /marcus

Yes, if true, that statement belongs here. Looking at the history, I see that it has been added by Pashley who is a well-travelled user with experience in Afghanistan, so there is no reason to doubt it. — Ravikiran 23:17, 4 October 2007 (EDT)