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Isfahan seems to be the most common English term, AFAICT, although the Getty Thesaurus gives Esfahan. I guess we should leave it here until more info comes in. --Evan 08:55, 14 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Foolad mobarakeh[edit]

I moved the following content from its own page as it doesn't meet our Wikitravel:What's an article? guidelines. I'm hesitating to add it to the See section -- is it really something travellers visit? Maj 09:55, 1 May 2007 (EDT)

Foolad mobarakeh is a very large Iranian steel mill. It is one of the largest steel mills in Iran, and is one of the main industrial complexes in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Construction of the mill began in the early 1980's. Construction was completed and the first steel production occurred in the mid-1990's.

Double pricing?[edit]

"Be aware that some tourist attractions will have double pricing standards - one for national citizens and another for tourists. You cannot haggle this price, which is slightly more expensive than the citizen rate. "

Is this still true? I know this was the case in Iran some years ago but all the sights I went to in Iran this year had the same price for Iranians and foreigners. Is there some sights in Isfahan that still practice double pricing? --Sleepyhead 07:27, 17 July 2008 (EDT)

Exaggerations about Isfahans beauty[edit]

I removed some exaggerations from beginning of Isfahan page. While said again and again that Isfahan is "the most beautiful city in the world" or that it's architecture is amazing makes me really wonder if people writing these things have ever visited Isfahan or have ever visited anywhere outside of Isfahan. The architecture is ordinary Persian architecture and Isfahans beauty is nothing special besides the square and riverfront. Sure, compared to many other big Iranian cities it's a nice place, however, that doesn't make it something special in the whole world. This is of course my subjective opinion but if you have actually been to Isfahan and think differently maybe you can rephrase what I edited.