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I wrote this:

Minshuku Yayoi is on a side street close to the station. It has a rather small capacity, though, and the staff can be less than helpful. Rooms are ¥6000 per person, and meals are available.

I'd like someone else's opinion as to whether that's unfair (in accordance with Wikitravel's policy on fairness). It was my personal experience that the staff were quite unpleasant, actually. (They don't speak a word of English either. That shouldn't be held against them, since it's in Japan, but they were equally unreceptive in Japanese, and tried to shoo me out of there as quickly and brusquely as possible.)

If it happened, then you're being fair (and almost too polite). Wikitravel policy is to avoid negative reviews if there are a lot to choose from, but for Inuyama this obviously isn't the case. Jpatokal 11:23, 19 October 2006 (EDT)
Thanks! Gorilla Jones 03:58, 20 October 2006 (EDT)