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Someone should include a section for "Precautions while selecting trekking tours", as a number of tourists are too trusting and get ripped off or physically hurt due to equipment failure. This is a direct response to a number of posts regarding Andy Martinez (Blue Mountain), which have since been removed as 'false', but are in fact legitimate and verifiable by legal testimonials made by tourists whom I have consulted. I can personally validate this feedback which implicates Andy Martinez (Blue Mountain) and is a direct cause of his negative reputation among the UIAA - International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

Travel essay posted by anonymous user[edit]

Maybe someone can mine this for good info, but it can't go on the main page in this form. Jonboy 10:39, 22 Feb 2006 (EST)

Having a limited amount of time in Huaraz, we had originally planned to go on a 2 day/1 night gallavant with a guide up into the mountains and some of the local lakes but we came across a genius company called "BLUE MOUNTAIN" who basically told us not to bother with a guide and to do it ourselves! They would provide us with all the equipment and transportation to the start of the hike and the rest was up to us! All very exciting...we got our little tent, sleeping bags, pots & pans and a stove and went shopping for our supplies! Oh yes...'fanny' tuna, beans & sausages in tins (of course!), instant noodles, marshmallows for toasting and a carton of vino! What more could you want! So the next day early doors, we jumped in the minibus and headed up into the mountains for 3 hours passing mountain villages and approaching some of the most stunning scenery we've seen so far! We arrived at the start of the walk and then the altitude really hit...we were literally one foot infront of the other all the way up and Paul especially as he was carrying the majority of the stuff! We passed stunning waterfalls and had huge glaciars infront of us all the way up...the last stretch was the hardest especially as we thought we'd actually reached our final destination only to find another huge switchback climb infront of us...finally though with big smiles on our faces and no air in our lungs we reached the most stunning glaciar lake...bright turquoise offset by a huge snow & ice covered glaciar! wasn't just the altitude that left us breathless! We stayed up there about an hour...took lots of photos and then headed back down to where we started the walk at lower altitude to set up camp for the night! Paul was so knackered bless him that I erected the camp and cooked dinner! Yep..he really was knackered...I even had to start the marshmallows on my own...until he had a new lease of life just after I'd gone to sleep! timing or what? The next morning we started to make our way steadily down past 2 more beautiful lakes with even more amazing views! Highlight of the morning was watching Paul jump over the numerous little streams infact 6 in total until it all went horribly wrong but highly amusing when he jumped nipple deep into a freezing cold stream! It was like seeing something in slow motion...he quickly looked round just to see if I had seen or not and then dripping wet scrambled out and went on defiantly! We met up a little way down the road where he had everything laid out to dry!! Hee Hee! After getting stared out by a scary cow, we hailed a minivan and started the journey back to Huaraz...only for the driver to stop 5 minutes after we'd got in for lunch! Fair enough so we abandoned ship and squashed into the next bus that came past...6 adults & a child on the back seat! Definitely cosy! Just as we arrived into Yungay, we got a flat tyre which involved another wait for an hour & a half while they tried to change it resorting to a pickaxe???, so once again we abandoned ship and jumped in a collectivo along with a drunk local (Paul didn't like him as he nicked his leg room...I didn't mind him as he called me pretty or 'linda' as Dave will tell you! Paul reckons that shows how much beer he'd had!!! Awwww! Poor me...see what I have to put up with!) So all in all a journey that should have take 3 hours, took 6 but it was a great journey and what else could we do when we got back but eat cake!


say thank you to andy martinez (blue mountain peru) for their professionalism and support, we did 2 walks and 2 mountains with his company and it was good, we also explain how to do other things on our own, once again thank you very much andy Ignore those people who want cheap stuff and then ask more than what they pay, we saw many things with you, we believe that people who want something good has to pay well if not better ask the young people who write or put their above complaints, congratulations andy go ahead!



my name andy martinez diaz, graduate in tourism  and student tourism official trekking guide and owner of Blue Mountain Peru "
I am not a mountain guide as he says in his post. i am student for be guide for trekking i never say that i am mountain guide
my company is not working for over a year and a half in huaraz city, we operate in Cuzco, Arequipa, Puno and Bolivia respectively over one year and a half
take action against the person doing this in the city of Huaraz in our old offices.
take action against the site and that undermines my professionalism as a trekking guide and a degree in tourism.
is not the only person who says this is why now I am traveling to the city of Huaraz to clarify all these issues and see this bad situation, Huaraz is also a good German market with the only work.
below the recommendations offered to our company we do not deserve it because we do not operate in Huaraz and I repeat