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I moved Garvin Woodland Gardens to the "Hot Springs" page since it is in the city of Hot Springs.

I'm not sure how to handle this. Hot Springs National Park is a part of the national park system As an urban park, the boundaries between the park and the city of Hot Springs are permeable. If you were walking downtown, you really would be unaware when you entered the reservation and when you left.

Here are some things to consider. With the exception of the camp grounds, all of the hotels are outside the park. Getting in is the same as getting into the city of Hot Springs.

What about the other way around? Maybe Hot Springs the city should be merged here. The Eat/Sleep/Buy sections would be easy. Garvan Woodland Gardens actually does list its address on the website as "Hot Springs National Park". The Park is more than just the bathhouses in the city (although that is certainly the most well-known aspect); it encompasses a large portion of wilderness around the city, with hikes and camping. Do travelers really visit the city for anything besides the National Park? The repeated mentions of the "race track" in the city article is a bit silly to me... it's not even an especially nice or famous one. Besides a few weird chamber of commerce-esque listings on the city page, it would actually be pretty easy to merge it here, imo. Army of me 18:42, 10 July 2009 (EDT)