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Circuits or subprefectures[edit]

There are two commonly used ways to split up Hokkaido: either the 4 "circuits" (道), or the 12 "subprefectures" (支庁). Wikipedia uses the subprefectures (eg. WikiPedia:Bihoro, Abashiri, Hokkaido) but I think the circuits are more appropriate for Wikitravel:

  • The names are more intuitive ("Central", "Eastern", "Northern" etc)
  • 12 divisions is too many, 4 is more manageable
  • Big things like parks are often split between subprefectures but usually not between circuits

Opinions? Jpatokal 02:42, 9 Jan 2006 (EST)

So I'm now tentatively going for the Hokkaido : Circuit : Subpref : Town split. Is "X Circuit" too wordy, would just "Central (circuit)" be better? Jpatokal 04:04, 25 Jan 2006 (EST)


Furano is technically a city, although to the general traveller (and most Japanese people) it would seem like a town. For the sake of accuracy, I'm bumping it up to cities.


its architecture and cities are much more modern, and mostly based on western-like grid layouts.

That would be "The West" == USA ?

There are many towns, cities, countries in "The West" that don't use grid layouts. Even modern ones.