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...just a suggestion. The title Himalayan North imlies that the article discusses the northern part of the Himalayas, which it does not. The northern part of the Himalayas is in Tibet/China. All parts of the Himalaya that are in India, Nepal and Bhutan are actually the south or south facing part of the mountain range. If you want to distinguish the states included in this article from those of the plains, I think just 'Himalayan' would be a more accurate title. Anyway, this is just a suggestion. As king of the India page, I'll leave the decision in yor capable hands. Anon. 1 Jan 06

Sorry forgot to answer this.. Problem is, the Himalayas stretch all the way till the east of India, so I wanted to make it clear that it was the Himalayan part of North India that was being covered. I hope it won't cause much confusion. And I am not the "king" of the India page. I do what I can, but I do hope others participate too :) Ravikiran 12:41, 6 Jan 2006 (EST)