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I know[edit]

I know your not allowed too many external links, but they are just too useful, and because there are so many sites I thought i would list them all, so people who dont know the place can figure out whats going on. They are at the end of the page, so should it be printed it can be chopped off for the travel guide.

Actually, we only allow one external link per guide (!), to the official tourism site for that location. I've captured the list you added below, but I don't think any of them meet our external links guideline. --Evan 20:06, 4 December 2006 (EST)

ahh, Now i see. I don't actually bother to read bits and pieces like that, but now I know. I suppose I could put the captured page on wikipedia.

External Links[edit]

Moved from page by Evan

More information about Hastings can be found here. The number of sites IS in this case because of its rampant popularity.

  • Invest Hastings! I just thought it was interesting about the business opportunity's in Hastings.
  • Hastings District Council Interesting. To look at the town go Property > Property Maps and zoom in. It has aerial photographs.
  • A site -This site is still under construction, but should be good.