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Anonymous User's Comments[edit]

"Guilin is a tourism city. There are many hotels, more than 30 five-star hotels, 100 four-star hotels, and 200 three-star hotels." I come from Guilin. And I have to say that there are not so many 5-star hotels... at most we have only four. But that's already a lot for a small city...

Guilin is reputed as the most beautiful scenery city of China. Characteristic of Guilin is its peaks rise as suddenly from the Earth as trees in the forest, in various shapes resemble buns, camel, fish, saw-teeth, horse, etc.

The landscape in Guilin is characterized by its “green hills, clear waters, pretty rocks and fantastic caves’’.

I am native of guilin and I am pretty familiar with guilin and yangshuo, i have worked in the travel service for more than 2 year, with my experiences, kindness and patience i am confident my services will make you trip more convenient, comfortable, pleasant and valuable.

I would like to offer you the best services as follow:

greeting you at the airport, train or bus station and make reservation at your request li river cruise tour. cormorant catching fishes, fantastic and colorful reed flute cave, longsheng dragon's backbone rice terraces, marvelous minorities shows and local souvenirs market to the highest mountain to see the panoramic view of guilin, stay in a small, old and town to enjoy the fresh air, quite, easy and real countryside life. to see the market day of town, got out and explore to sanjiang wind and rain bridge ( dong minority) yulong river bamboo boat rafting and take a special mud bath riding bicycle to old villages to see real farmers life even talk with them

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"It is well worth heading straight out of Guilin as soon as you arrive, " I find this a bit much much. I am currently in Guilin and find it a break for from the heavy tourist places around with still much to see.

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I agree...There is plenty worth seeing in Guilin and the less touristy part of it compared to Yangshuo is fun to explore! Edited.


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Guilin West Train station[edit]

There are actually 3 stations in Guilin now - Guilin West station is a stop on the Guangzhou high speed rail. —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs)

Hi, thank you for this info. The article has been updated accordingly. --Binbin (talk) 01:34, 16 October 2017 (EDT)

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