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Two things...

First of all Groningen was inhabited since at least the iron age. The city was first named in a document as Cruoninga in 1014. There have never been Roman camps north of the river Rine, let alone in Groningen! None at all. There have been some archaeological finds that suggest that there was trade with the Romans, but they have never had a camp in Groningen. Please correct that.

Plinius the elder, who was a Roman general wrote about Groningen and her surroundings: The people live on small hills that they have put up themselves to protect them from the sea. They are poor, live of fishery, animal husbandry and a little agriculture. They have only few possessions and have little interest in trade. Because of the little hills, they live on islands during the high tide, which are unreachable for our boats (too little depth). During low tide the soggy soil would not allow an army to march in for they would get stuck. There is nothing here to our interest.

Secondly: Cafe Atlantis has moved to the Gedempte Zuiderdiep, although, I dont know which number...

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