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Please add to this article[edit]

I have fleshed out the basics of this article, but it is far from complete and does not even begin to capture all there is to do in Grand Junction. if you are a local or an enthusiastic traveler, please add your two cents. If you do add a listing, please use the "add listing" form to get the formatting right. So plunge ahead and improve this article! Cheers WineCountryInn 23:23, 22 January 2009 (EST)

Hello, having been here since October 1996, I'd just like to add a couple of things. The article may give the impression that traffic in Grand Junction is comparable to a moderate sized town, but traffic in recent years has become quite a rat race which can cause a person behind the wheel to drive in "white knuckle and gritted teeth mode." One other thing I may add is that you can't actually "hail a cab" from the bus station as the article states. If you want to travel anywhere by taxi in Grand Junction, you're going to have to call them for a ride. ~ Regards, Lily Lawrence