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I would like to see the source of the claim that 60% of all Swedes would like to live in Gothenburg. How credible is the source - is it a simple online poll? If so I don't think it belongs here. /Jake73

An aspect of using restaurants in Gothenburg I found disturbing was the fact that we were not allowed in many of them, unless we handed over our jackets. When we came out these were handed back to us with a request for 15 Krona per person. We actually walked out without paying. After a couple of days spent in othe Swedish Cities in which this did not occur. We returned to Gothenburg.

We tried again. Several refused us entry because we failed to hand over our outer garments. We did later find a excellent place to enjoy a good meal where this did not occur. What happens in the summer, when outer garments would not be worn I wonder, are customers required to start undressing to hand over other garments?!

This is common practice in most Scandinavian nightclubs/fancy restaurants and should probably be noted in the main country page. Jpatokal 20:50, 12 March 2006 (EST)

I'm living in Gothenburg now. There is an idea, maybe just a rumor, that the coat check business is run by the Hell's Angels, or Banditos, the orginized crime groups here in Sweden. The idea is that they intimidate the bar owners into letting them run the coat check bussiness, and they don't give the bar a cut.

Regarding last change (in splurge) and the rollback. I can see why linking might be a problem, but in what way is mentioning Apple's recommendation different from mentioning Guide Rouge Stars?


Is this statement not a bit non-NPOV: "Gothenburg has a reputation of being a friendly place, even more welcoming than the Swedish capital."?

This should be rephrased, it sounds like it was written by a lokal and does not meet wiki-quality.

There is no requirement for a NPOV, only that editors be fair. However, if as a wikitraveller is sounds like it is adding no value to the desination article, feel free to plunge forward and fix it. --Inas 19:39, 5 February 2009 (EST)

Working-class history[edit]

I would say that traditionally G.has been a liberal, shipping and business oriented city. Many of the institutions in G. have an origin of private donations e.g. museums, hospitals, and Chalmers university of technology. But this is not a history furnished in the long lived labour rule. The working-class culture I would now regard as evident. /Living in G.


I have moved the religious services section from "Stay safe" to "Cope" as this is more in line with the norm for other articles.

Globentrekker 17:18, 10 April 2012 (EDT)

Events, and Sport events[edit]

Reading the Where you can stick it, it seems to suggest that to follow the norm all the event information to be moved from "Buy" to "Do". Everyone OK with this?

Olof (talk) 05:30, 30 July 2015 (EDT)