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I can really recommend "Tratoria" next to Scallywags. Excellent Italian pizza and pasta, in my opinion the pizza is much better than in Tir Na Nog. Around 55-70k for a main.

Why don't you add it to the article, instead of placing it on the Talk page? --globe-trotter 16:25, 4 September 2011 (EDT)
But if you do please ensure that you avoid the use of first person pronouns, perhaps provide information such as the hours, some basic menu detail, a phone number if they have one and some price indications. Please also check the spelling, trattoria vs tratoria, have they not spelt it properly at the restaurant, if they have used "tratoria" then follow their own spelling rather than the correct bahasa Italiano. Thank you. -- felix 07:56, 5 September 2011 (EDT)

Gili Trawangan enterprenuer Association ( to control the quality of beverages sold in Gili Trawangan )[edit]

News Trawangan: By. Roem Lombok Gili

Business people in Gili Trawangan – North of Lombok, responded to an accident caused by drink alcohol containing methanol, which had claimed to have lost someone’s live recently.

On this mater and also action taken. The business people of Gili Trawangan created and formed an organization is call Gili Trawangan enterprenuer Association (APGT), the purpose of the construction of this Association is to control the quality of the drinks sold by the employer bars, restaurants, and hotels, that Gili Trawangan is in a jug control entry and exit of beverage products to Gili Trawangan. It is done to prevent the victims to lose their lives again.

Today's Date 16/02/2013 The village and all the businessmen in Gili Trawangan had a meeting to declare this organization and discuss the next steps to be performed, this association will also involve government agencies associated with this such as the Department of tourism, BPPOM , Police etc., which will also be asked to be involved directly in running these programs APGT.

Of an agreement today to prove that Restauran, Bar & hotel has been in decent to sell drinks containing alcohol will be given a sticker like this:

This program and regulations may not be properly use if there is no support from the Gov’t, Society, Business owners of Gili Trawangan it self, Therefore please be extra carefull for visitors to drink at your favorite bars. PLEASE SUPPORT ONLY PREMISES that selling alcohol with this sticker for the future.

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY AND STAY SAVE NB: You can see the sticker in this link