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So, I changed the link from Frankfurt am Main back to Frankfurt. Our article naming conventions are to use the most common English name for a destination. I'm pretty sure "Frankfurt" is more common than "Frankfurt am Main" in English -- but I'd love to be corrected. -- Evan 09:56, 6 Dec 2003 (PST)

Hm, there exists an other city in Germany with the name Frankfurt, too. It is Frankfurt/Oder (Frankfurt at the Oder River). Of course, Frankfurt/Main is bigger and better known. At least in Germany, it's usual to say "Frankfurt/Main" or "Frankfurt/Oder", respectively. -- Hansm 10:30, 2003 Dec 6 (PST)

The only part of Germany I've been in is Hessen, which is where Frankfurt is (with a short side trip to Sailauf). If you're in Hessen and say "Frankfurt", of course they think you mean Frankfurt am Main. What they assume in other parts of Germany, I don't know.
I'd call the articles "Frankfurt (Main)" and "Frankfurt (Oder)" and redirect Frankfurt to Frankfurt (Main), since it's the better known one, and redirect Frankfurt an der Oder to Frankfurt (Oder) in case someone wants to write it that way. -phma 14:49, 6 Dec 2003 (PST)
Actually the city I live in is officially called "Frankfurt am Main" to distinguish it from the one in Eastern Germany. In normal conversation, the context really matters, naturally. Frankfurt am Main may be the default "Frankfurt", but for international visitors/readers, the distinction becomes much more important. If you want to go to Frankfurt/Main you don't want to accidentally order tickets to Frankfurt/Oder. Hence, we should use the long version of "Frankfurt am Main" and "Frankfurt an der Oder" with an explanation and translation on the cities' pages. I would not use "Frankfurt (Main)" as this will get confused with the English word main. The cities have long names exactly for this purpose, so why not use them?? -nils 16:37, 5 Jan 2004 (CET)
The article naming conventions say to use the most common English name. For this place, it's "Frankfurt", not "Frankfurt am Main". There's rules for disambiguation, too. We may or may not need them in this case.
Frank(furt)ly, it seems kind of ridiculous to be arguing on how we format our broken links. --Evan 14:16, 5 Jan 2004 (EST)