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One of the more interesting things about Penangites is the fact that whenever they meet outside of Penang, a topic that will certainly be raised almost every time is discussing about where to eat in Penang, and which location is best for some particular dish...

Like, say, Laksa Penang, for example? --Evan 00:07, 15 Feb 2005 (EST) (who loves laksa)
See Penang#Eat for an (all too brief...) discussion of the cuisine. What this article needs is places to eat! Jpatokal 00:14, 15 Feb 2005 (EST)

Georgetown vs George Town[edit]

Google hits (Dec.07):

  • - George Town = 134, Georgetown = 64
  • + penang - George Town = 102,000, Georgetown = 127,000
  • + malaysia - George Town = 264,000, Georgetown = 468,000

Auto Date entry for all entries[edit]


i have a suggestion to make.

About all the entries that are going into wikitravel, i suggest that there should be a auto date entered into every article.

For example in the sleep section, whoever describes the guest house will have an auto date entered showing the last modified or article entered date.\

There are some backpackers which are closed down in penang georgetown.