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Largest Historic Center in Europe????[edit]

I have never even been to Genova, but this seems like a pretty darn dubious claim.

I have reformulated the statement, but I did not take it out. Anyway this is just one of the things that more than one city claim to have, and something which cannot of course be decided once and for all, like the many "unique Venice of Northen Europe"s. Johann.gambolputty 11:13, 17 September 2006 (EDT)

This is a claim that one hears often about Genoa, but one never hears any further details, ie. on what criteria that is based, or who has determined that its historical centre is the largest. It would be interesting to find the original source of this claim.

Bus transportation[edit]

I disagree with the statement that the bus schedule posted is unreliable. The times themselves may not be precise, however most buses run every 7-15 minutes, and this is relatively reliable.


"Most men work at fishing farms and on the boats to raise money for their family" ?!? Whoever wrote this has clearly never been to Genoa, a formerly industrial town turned commercial. Fishing is a less than marginal activity.

Biggest aquarium in Europe[edit]

The same is being said on Wikipedia about the Valencia Aquarium, L'Oceanogràfic. I guess the issue should be addressed. I wouldn't know however which one is the biggest. The one in Barcelona is mentioned as 2nd after the Genova aquarium, so probably this needs to be checked as well.