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Bus table[edit]

I dont think this is the best way to present this information. It's goibg to be hard for other users to edit and to keep exact times up-to-date. It's better to have a few sentences that give the reader a general sense of the frequeny of bus service... Majnoona

(Information as 20 June 2005)

The Bus Station is in the center of town just south of the main road.

From Departure Price (Yuan) Duration (h)
Dege ??:?? ??.?? ?
Luhuo ??:?? ??.?? 2
Kangding 06:15 105.00 12
Tagong ??:?? ??.?? 9
Hi Maj,
yes, this html was an ugly remnant. Thank you for getting the lazy stone rolling again. What do you think about the wiki-syntax? Do you think this is easy enough to edit now?
I actually came up with the idea of a timetable when I was traveling that part of China. It was extremely important to know at what time a bus would go, since there are usually only one or to departures a day. If you arrived later then the last departure, you had to spend the night in that town. On a 1 month visa a day more or less means being able to do the trip or not.
I figure updating quite easy, since a Wikitraveler only would have to correct/add the data of the particular connection he/she was traveling. The timestamp leaves it to the user if he takes the information for real or not. And last.. if you think "a few sentences that give ... a general sense" suffice, why didn't you write them? I found the page deserted of information about even where the bus stop is located after your edit. Have a good journey, --Ront 03:08, 11 Jan 2006 (EST)