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H0riz0n : I live here and love it. If you are American you'll get this discription... It's a cross between colorado and florida without the beautiful beaches. It still have its rural charm.

Clerical Error?[edit]

Can someone verify the "Understand" section about the "clerical error" in the part about Fukui's name?? I call BS on it. The name comes from a well which is located in the middle of Fukui castle.

osarusan 09:07, 25 January 2009 (EST)

Removed following due to lack of source[edit]

Although the characters for Fukui means "lucky well" (福 = lucky or fortunate 井 = well - ie. water hole), the name of the prefecture is the result of a clerical error when the city was first incorporated several hundred years ago. The name was originally meant to be 福居, pronounced the same, but meaning "luck resides here."

Restored it, with a bit of a rewrite. The alternate spelling 福居 is common in historical sources. Jpatokal 08:17, 7 April 2009 (EDT)