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Unincorporated Villages in the Fraser Valley[edit]

I took a look into all the places listed in the Cities section that didn't have pages (Agassiz, Kent, Sardis, Yarrow, etc.) to see if they warrant pages. Many of these places are unincorporated villages that are part of a larger municipality (e.g., Abbotsford, Chilliwack). So, in the interest of cleaning up the Cities section, I've removed any unincorporated villages that didn't already have a page and are part of another municipality. The summary of what I did is:

  • Agassiz - part of Kent (British Columbia)
  • Harrison Mills - split between Kent and one of the electoral districts, so I've included it in Kent (British Columbia)
  • Kent - incorporated district municipality so I've created an outline page for it
  • Lindell Beach - Unincorporated village (on Cultus Lake) that isn't part of a larger municipality, so I've left it alone. It looks like there might be another village on the north side of Cultus Lake -- perhaps we could combine the two into one Cultus Lake article?
  • Sardis - part of Chilliwack
  • Yale - actually part of the Fraser Canyon region, so it shouldn't be here at all!
  • Yarrow - part of Abbotsford
Great work cleaning things up! One suggestion: consider making redirects from the village name to the destination article which covers that village. Also consider, if there is a disambiguation page (e.g. Kent (disambiguation)) checking to see if there's an entry for the village which points to the proper destination article. But both of those are small details, likely to be filled in by future contributors if not done now. JimDeLaHunt 01:08, 29 August 2008 (EDT)
I forgot about the disambiguation page, I'll check that. I set up a redirect page for Agassiz since it has a bit of size, but the others are small so I didn't bother. Shaund 01:08, 31 August 2008 (EDT)