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Talk:Four Days in the New Hampshire White Mountains

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To whom this may concern:

In regards to the qualifications of this page, we, the two original authors, feel as though we have properly addressed and followed the Wikitravel:What_is_an_article definitions for an itinerary. Beyond following the basic code format, we have displayed, organized, and published content that follows the guidelines set by the community. An itinerary is defined as "a group of destinations according to a temporal (time) division rather than a spatial one." Our work contains a very clear time line which takes the user to historical places, trails in the wilderness, local shops and entertainment venues within the White Mountain Region. We feel that by consolidating this article with the White Mountain Region page all of the extra information we typed in would be removed as it is not pertinent to that page. The information that we display would lose the "temporal" value that it currently maintains. The content is being displayed in a manner that focuses on the time constraints that a typical vacationing individual would have. It provides guidelines and suggestions for the traveler, much like the general region page would; however the importance of this article comes from the organization that we provided by taking the traveler from point A on one day to point B on another. We feel as though our article is well within the spirit of the attitude of Wikitravel and we hope that you do not merge our work.


GoldenWolf 18:34, 25 April 2012 (EDT)Sarah & Justin

See Wikitravel:Itineraries#"Personal" itineraries for some concerns with articles like this one. The information in this article is great, but a major concern is that these types of "X in Y days" articles separate content from where readers are most likely looking (the town and region articles), making for a sub-optimal organization of information. -- Ryan • (talk) • 19:49, 25 April 2012 (EDT)