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Can't find address for Hotel Cascades, if anyone else knows it, could you pop it in? Thanks!

This page seems to contain an unwanted advertisement in poor English and with poor punctuation for the 'riad arabesque'.

PLEASE include some sort of contact info...

Can I put an advertisement for my travel booking agency? I posted a link but another user removed it, I see that many hotels have advertisements, what stays and what goes?


I removed one of the "Made in M:" advertisements as it seems to clearly be a self promotion and was added to a section where it doesnt belong.


Eat[edit][add listing]

Hi, I was editing the Eat section and now I've noticed that it has layed out in a single paragraph. My apologies for whatever I did, how can I fix it? Thanks ~~MarinaK.

It was because you accidentally removed an </eat> tag from the L'Ambre listing—fixed. --Peter Talk 21:22, 28 October 2009 (EDT)
Ooh, thanks for fixing Peter! MarinaK

Hustlers on trains[edit]

I added a point about the dangers of being overly naive on train journeys into Fes. Personally (and entirely my fault), I came to wikitravel and just looked at the travel advice. I was rather overconfident and didn't bother looking at the Stay Safe or Cope sections, particularly since I thought the train would be perfectly safe. Needless to say, I got 100% conned with a shop-based tour the following day. It was beautifully done, but a bit irritating. Kayman1uk 15:26, 30 October 2009 (EDT)

The information about hostels is just pure propaganda. One more reason to look for reviews. And especially the bad ones!!! Were there is smoke there is fire.

—The preceding comment was added by User: (talkcontribs)