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Hi, everyone. This article is currently unreadable, in my opinion. In particular, "Get in" and "Get around" are so full of dense text that's mostly unimportant that the important things are either absent or get lost. One way to get in is "By plane," which should be a subtitle. Who owns the airports is of no interest to most travelers, but how to get from the airport and how long it takes are important. Similarly, a long list of all the Amtrak stops along the line is unimportant, but how long it takes to get from Cleveland (and possibly other major cities) and how long the trains run are important. In "Get around," the "By bus" subsection should not be an impenetrable list of stops, but some general description (what time of day the buses run would be salient), plus an external link to an official site with a bus map and schedules. And under "See," there should be a description of the falls. Directions are fine, but timings would be good.

I am not familiar with Elyria and would ask others' help in cleaning up this article and putting it into a form of more use to travelers.

Ikan Kekek 20:31, 14 January 2012 (EST)