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i have tried to edit the article, but some idiot has changed it back, so i will not start an editing war, but I will leave my comments here, and if anyone here cares about accurate information, they will make sure it is incorporated.

1) The Turkish word for mosque is spelled "Camii" with two "I"s, not one.

2) Üç Şerefeli means "three balconies" which refers to one of the mosque's minarets which indeed has three balconies. THE MOSQUE HAS FOUR MINARETS. I saw them yesterday.

People, lets not be so block-headed.

As you could see yourself with a quick glance at the History, your edits are still there -- you're just seeing an old copy of the page for some reason, probably a badly configured proxy on your side. Jpatokal 09:21, 10 August 2009 (EDT)