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Jump to: navigation, search made minor edits to the writeup for punctuation and spelling. Great work by original author.

2010 July 11th Eclipse[edit]

Does anyone have information on how the eclipse in two years is going to affect reservations and travel to Easter Island. The island is directly in the path of totality and I have read that Lan is refusing to take reservations at this point (even though travel sites are already promising booking space). Since Lan is the only way to get there if they choose to close their own airport to other air traffic, this may be an issue.

Better picture[edit]

There got to be a better picture of Moai on easter island. The picture there isn't of great quality. Just a suggestion.

More Tours[edit]

I added the only tour company that i know is doing good, respectful tours. There's got to be more than one, though! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mossybon (talkcontribs)