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I plan to start walking this path in 2006 hopefully. I'm going to fly to Warsaw and then get a train to the Eblag and a ferry across to the start of the path. I'm hoping to reach Gdansk on the first section, which i think is about 125KM, any advice, tips and maps would be much appreciated and I will be weblogging the whole trip for future reference and link to it from here.


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hmm, quite possibly not many people visit this page, but I am at long last off. Flight booked to Gdansk for Aug 23rd! I'm quite nervous about this. I thought the walk started in Piaski on the Vistula Spit, but apparently starts in Barniewo, so I can walk first day to Frombork to the Copernicus museum. I'll blog it all I hope.


Update 2010

Amazing that there is no development on this page, I first edited it in 2004! It's 2010 now and I'm heading back for my third trip to Poland to carry on this great walk. Follow it on [ |]

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I'm removing the "this is a travel topic" template as the path is more like an itinerary instead. -- Ricardo (Rmx) 13:59, 4 April 2007 (EDT)