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This doesn't need to be an article. The list of départements in a région should be on the page for that région (if it's even useful for travel), the explanation of what a département is should be in France, and what numbers go on French license plates isn't useful for travel, and if someone wants that he can look it up on Wikipedia.

I'm not even sure we need to list the départements. They're like counties, and we haven't needed to say what county each city is in. -phma 07:43, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)

Probably I will agree with you. I needed a départment in order to further subdivide the very large Régions. Only in that way can I get to the small villages and sights. The départment is just another way of reaching at your destination. It will depend on the user. Let's see what it grows into -aleene 15:30, 19 jan 2004

What about working out the regions on a Talk page like people have done for Southern California, New York (city) and Seattle? That way you can play with many different options for navigation. In any case, Departement is a pretty ambiguious name for an article, so it will need to be moved. Majnoona

We have list of American states and list of Brazilian states. I hate those articles, but I guess there'd be some parallelism in having a list of French departements. --Evan 11:08, 19 Jan 2004 (EST)

Should this article be renamed (Departement -> Département) - ?