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I've been informed that the listing i added to the Dali Sleep section already contains to many listing, to quote GiulioC "we don't want to become Yellow Pages". So its been removed by the administrator to the page.

I didn't know there was an actual limit on the number of listings for Wikitravel Pages. Certainly I didn't see anything to suggest that a section could have only 20 listings, for example. If i've overlooked this information please excuse me.

Furthermore, looking at comparable wikitravel pages for Pai & Chiang Mai in Thailand, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Laos, the argument doesn't seem to hold up as they have many more listings for the sleep section than Dali.

The business i am trying to list is a guesthouse, its run by young adults from the minority communities, including Tibetan, Yi and Naxi. All come from disadvantage backgrounds and have spent many years resident at the orphanage school - Sen Ji Mei Duo, based in WeiXi, near Shangri-La. This, social-enterprise business is a new concept for China. The children speak their local dialect as a first language, English is their second language, Mandarin is their third language. This guesthouse represents a safe environment for them to move from the security of the school in to adult life. The hope is that foreign guests will enjoy the service that they can provide whilst learning about the cultural heritage these young adult comes from.

In addition to the above i have done some research - at least 6 of the guest houses / budget options are no longer in existence or have changed hands, no longer operating as they once were. I would also suggest that the prices listed are probably from about 5 years ago. Certain no location i know of will have dorm bed options for less that 35rmb. Private rooms a minimum of 100rmb.

Bird Nest is now a cafe. The old guest house has been out of action since i first arrived in dali in early 2013. Dali Hump - Closed before i arrived. A new property, new owner and new name is open on the same site. This opened about 3 months ago. Hidden Plum - My friends old guesthouse. He has returned to France. There are new chinese owners now. Higherland Inn - has been closed for sometime. Mama Naxi - Has been taken over and renamed Lily Pad, there is a listing for the Lily Pad already on the site. Rainbows Nest - The owners Rainbow and Mark have sold this property. It has a different name now.

There are many more listings on the Dali Page which are now longer in operation.

Please, reconsider your argument about "we don't want to become Yellow Pages". --Carlstep (talk) 07:13, 17 July 2015(EDT)

Hi Carlstep, thank you for your contribution and reaching out here. I'm sorry to say that I'm with GiulioC 100% about this. You are right that we don't have any policy about the number of listings allowed in each section, but that doesn't mean we want to make Wikitravel Yellow Pages of restaurants, hotels, or bars for a city. There are already more than 30 listings under Sleep Section, so we don't feel adding another one will benefit the travellers. However, you can, as you've mentioned that the information in the Sleep Section is very much obsolete, maybe update the information a bit, and delete the listings that are closed or otherwise are not operating any more (but do leave an explanation in the "Symmary") and then maybe you can add your listing if there are less listings after the deletion.
Also, please sign your edits on discussion page with "~~~~". Thank you.
Looking forward to see your edit to this article based on your research, and maybe your edit here after your edit. Cheers! --Binbin (talk) 10:56, 17 July 2015 (EDT)