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Discussion transferred from Traveller's Pub[edit]

Any sailors about?[edit]

I've been working on Retiring abroad, and of course that could use more contributors. However, this post is not about that.

One way to retire is to get a nice boat and sail about. Seems to me that might suit some better than buying a house abroad, so I'd like to link to sailboat or some such article, but as far as I can see there isn't one. I cannot write one; I do not know nearly enough about the topic. It cannot be just a section in the Retiring abroad article because there are lots of non-retired travellers who sail.

Any volunteers? Pashley 11:05, 28 May 2011 (EDT)

Big topic. Name should be Cruising rather than "sailboat", as that is how it is generally referred to by those who do it. I haven't done any for years (decades actually) and am certainly not an expert. These days power and sail cruising are both popular, and a lot of the cruisers will rent boats for a short cruise, while the dedicated will buy and live aboard on extended travels over decades and oceans. I will have a go at setting up a base article, but don't expect too much ;-) Cheers, • • • Peter (Southwood) Talk 05:47, 30 May 2011 (EDT)
To the casual traveler, "cruising" involves Cruise ships. LtPowers 10:38, 30 May 2011 (EDT)
OK, do you have an alternative suggestion? To the cruising yachtsman(person) the term was always cruising when I was involved. I suppose cruising has other connotations in other contexts too, and we wouldnt want them to be confused. So a disambiguation page looks like the first step... • • • Peter (Southwood) Talk 04:00, 31 May 2011 (EDT)
There are several topics here, I think.
Like diving (a fine example; well done Peter at al.!), sailing can be a recreation where travellers plan trips to good areas, get training (are there certifications?), rent equipment, and so on. I'd like to see an overview — I guess at Cruising with a link to Cruise ships — maybe eventually a structure like our group of scuba articles, with overviews for the main areas. It seems to me it would not need as much detail as some of the articles on specific dive sites, but that can be left to sailors to decide.
Unlike diving, it may need some specific additional articles on other aspects. Chartering a yacht to cruise about, living on one, retiring on one, making a living by chartering it out, travelling by working as crew, ...? We quite rightly do not cover the profession of diving; it is too specialised and not entirely travel-related. On the other hand, arguably we should cover living on a boat, since that is a way to travel. Pashley 05:21, 31 May 2011 (EDT)
Agreed. I think we will have to wing it a bit, but that looks like a good way to start. I am away for the day, but will take a look at getting it going tomorrow unless someone else feels like starting earlier. Cheers, • • • Peter (Southwood) Talk 03:35, 1 June 2011 (EDT)
We have Crewing as a redirect to Freighter travel. I thought there was something about working on yachts, but now cannot find it.
Cruising is currently a redirect to Cruise ships. I changed the few non-talk-page links that pointed to it so they now go direct to the ships. Pashley 09:32, 1 June 2011 (EDT)


We have Yacht_charter which redirects to Travel_transportation#Yacht_charter. I'm not sure how that fits in; I think eventually the redirect might be to this article.

Searching for "yacht" turns up various other things that might need links. I mis-typed it as "yatch" and, to my surprise, found that too. Pashley 10:01, 22 June 2011 (EDT)

Anarchist yacht club?[edit]

While browsing a site on quite another topic, I came across a link to the "Anarchist yacht club" site [1] which turns out to have info on building boats & cruising in some areas. Anything we can use?

Given that they claim to be anarchists and that the other topic I was looking at was computer security, their stuff ought to be under a CC license but I have not checked that it actually is. Pashley 00:48, 17 November 2011 (EST)


I'm pretty sure the proper name for this activity is just... Cruising. As opposed to "going on a cruise." The only other appropriate use of "cruising" that I know of is trawling for sex partners, which actually... could be a travel topic! I know the argument was made that travelers unfamiliar with the transcendence, perfection, and bliss of cruising might be confused, but the article already has at the top:

This article is about travel by small craft, including both motor and sail powered vessels, where the vessel is owned or chartered by the travellers, and may be operated by the travellers. It does not include travel by large vessels, where the traveller is merely a paying passenger, and the operation and organisation is provided by the vessel's owners or operators; for that, see Cruise ships.

Shouldn't that be sufficient? Can we move this back to Cruising over the disambiguation, and maybe have a pseudo-disambiguation/topic for all By boat travel? --Peter Talk 17:38, 6 July 2012 (EDT)