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Accomodation listings[edit]

Accommodation listings, and nearly all type of other listings with a specific address should be directed at the individual city/destinations articles, not at regional level per our policies. any grievances should be directed at the talk page of that policy.

The reason for this policy is because we want to try to avoid duplicate content, of course business owners would like to see their business on as many pages as possible, but from a practical view, if every hotel, rental outfit and B&B in California started listing themselves on that guide, rather than the city they are in, our guide to California would be miles long with thousands of listings, and not very usable for anyone. --Stefan (sertmann) talk 00:49, 30 November 2009 (EST)

Well Donegal isnt California and your one size fits all policy doesnt work are making the site useless for places which arent like California. Also County Donegal is in a region called Ulster ........County Donegal is a subregion of ULSTER .........going down any further is almost to the village level.....and we are not talking about major populations is the most sparsely populated region of Ireland ........and even there you dream up a reason to delete it .......YOU MAKE THIS SITE A UNUSABLE
WHY is someone who knows zero about Ireland editing it ......why dont you edit Denmark or do you know nothing about that either?? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)
Although it is tempting not to respond to anyone who posts in such abusive tones (and especially for the 2nd time), I will attempt to do civilly. The most extraordinary thing about WikiTravel is that the hierachical structure does work for almost any destination. It is the single most admirable thing about the way this complex site was set up. It is certainly not only applicable to places like California. Have a good look around before making such statements - it works for remote provinces in Asia, it works for every European country - there are thousands of examples.. County Donegal is certainly no exception and already has a develped structure with 6 major towns and 6 other destinations. Those are where sleep and other listings should be and not in the county article which is an overview. If you want to contribute information about this area to WikiTravel, make an effort to understand the site.
Finally, if you disagree with a policy, then the way to address that is to debate it on the relevant talk page, not abuse a user who is volunteering his time to implement that policy. --Burmesedays 07:23, 1 December 2009 (EST)
Well, I do agree that it would be fantastic if we had a patroller from each country, unfortunately there are about 202 sovereign states in the world, and only about 26 people doing regular patrols, none of them from Ireland as far as I'm aware. Fortunately we have some pretty expansive guidelines to go for instead, one of them reads; "A common test to determine whether a subject gets its own article is the "can you sleep there?" test", if there is a B&B there, it would seem to pass that test. Pennesylvania House could go in Letterkenny, Dergfield House in Ballybofey which with a population of 4000 definately seem to qualify for it's own article, and Saint Ernan's House is closed.,, and all disqualify for a listing per our accomodation listings policy, which is not invented by me, but by broad community consensus. And I did actually do a fairly extensive amount of editing in Denmark, for example I wrote much of the Copenhagen guide.
And expanding on Burmesedays comment, some good examples of our low level region guides include Sakhalin, East Bali, Red Centre, if it works there, why shouldn't it work in County Donegal? --Stefan (sertmann) talk 07:44, 1 December 2009 (EST)