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I can recommend the Zhongyi Business Hotel, it is well priced, has large clean and comfortable rooms and whilst the staff don't speak English, you can communicate with a bit of sign language and you normally get what you needed. The food is good and again very well priced (for a foreigners budget) and they offer a Western selection as well.

Breakfast has a good range of dishes again both Western and Chinese, including freshly cooked items, plenty of fruit and juices.

They also have KTV on the 2nd and 3rd floor (100 KTV rooms) and although I did not use the KTV, it seems to be very well run with good facilities and respectable (I did walk around the KTV are to be nosy) If you are on the 9th floor or higher you can not hear some of the dreadful singing at all as the building is well insulated from noise, you can hear a little noise with your room window open but it is low level and not irritating (well not to me)

The Hotel is convenient for most locations in Cixi and downtown is about 1km away, there are numerous cafes and restaurants in the area but no typical Western bars (I think the Zhongyi hotel should open a bar as there is no bar in the hotel, you can have a drink in the breakfast area but you will be on your own)Also, if you like fast Western food, there is KFC, Muccy D`s and Pizza hut (Pizza hut here is better than in the UK) I would recommend NN Dumplings as a Chinese alternative to Western fast food ( the beef dumpling soup is excellent ) but I would also suggest trying traditional local food as it is also good (restaurants are often described by the type of food they offer, rice, noodle, spicy and not spicy and fish, I do not eat fish !)

All in all the Zhongyi Hotel is very good and the staff are very helpful. Cixi is not the prettiest place on earth but it seems to be safe and the local people are keen to say hello and offer a smile.


(has been to Cixi on many occasions and has currently been here for 6 weeks (with a break to go home )