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Dear anonymous, an excellent start for the article! But please follow the guidelines in Wikitravel:Romanization for entering pinyin. Jpatokal 11:20, 2 Sep 2004 (EDT)

This article currently contains an e-mail address that causes an "Internal error" when you attempt to Save page.

Save as you go!!![edit]

Save your WikiText contributions every five minutes or so as you work.

Or write it in a separate text editor and paste it into WikiTravel.

My friend tried to contribute a long piece to the Chengdu page by writing it in the WikiTravel text field but his entire long piece got zapped by the *spam filter* because of something someone else had written. FRUSTRATING. s_i_n_a_._c_o_m without the underscores was the cuprit and he had not written it himself. OUCH!

Good luck and thanks for contributing :-)

I think that preparing a long contribution off-line is probably a better approach than saving as you go. If something is going to go wrong it probably will on the first save. And it is not just the spam filter. I have also encountered server stalls, net errors, line dropout, and even a power failure! If you have saved a copy of the contribution then a quick copy and paste gets it back. Mind you, with small edits, a section or item at a time there is always the risk that someone else will jump in and edit the page too - causing an editing conflict - sometimes that is harder to cope with than having to retype everything. Oh and always Preview any large edit, well previewing every edit is good practice. - Huttite 03:14, 20 Dec 2005 (EST)

perfect italy cafe bar in chengdu[edit]

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No mention of tea???[edit]

I heard Chengdu was famous for its tea and teahouses, but I didn't see a mention of them. Could someone add some? Jbradfor 16:44, 18 June 2007 (EDT)

Good point. Any of the big parks have tea houses. They are all over the place.

University in ChengDu[edit]

There are many universities in ChengDu.

UESCT is one of the best universities.