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Grand Cayman and Crime[edit]

Crime is increasing on Grand Cayman. Walking or riding a bicycle at night along dark roads puts one at risk for assault and/or robbery. Pedestrians also need to worry about being hit by cars in areas without sidewalks. Drunk driving/Hit and Run accidents have been a problem. The RCIPS regularly conducts road blocks to deter drunk driving, and makes numerous arrests every weekend. DUI is a serious offense in Cayman.

Burglary is an escalating problem, with over 300 reported in the first 9 months of 2009/ lap tops and small hi-tech devices as key targets. Cayman is no longer the Camelot of the Caribbean. But you will enjoy a relaxing holiday if you take care to be aware of your surroundings and take normal precautions against petty theft of cash/jewelry/ipods.

But no need to be paranoid. While at the beach, no one will be stealing your lunch, towel or sneakers. Cayman thieves are not desparate individuals, and have no interest in normal personal effects or even snorkeling gear. Very likely they are just local teens looking for items that they can sell to other local teens.

Special note to women: Women traveling alone should be especially careful at night, as sexual assaults do occur. Carry a cell phone capable of emergency calls to local 911. If you feel you are being followed or inappropriately watched, take it seriously, and immediately call the police. The RCIPS is a very responsive, and extremely professional organization. They will take your complaint seriously.