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Once upon a time…two people who walked being without looking for, also daisies in autumn and a house with histories. By those causalities of the life, they converged in Capilla del Señor. Grandma’s recipes, respect by the "old thing", yuyitos of the orchard, pastes with scent to Sunday, love to the kitchen, and flowers by the corners. The magic occurred, matured the dreams and born the Fonda. So... our history begins where other has finished.

House with Histories:In a old 1874 house, with so many years as histories, we decided to give live to Habia una vez fonda. Located in Capilla del Señor 65 km far from Capital Federal by route 8, in a full town of legend, characters and corners.

Respect for old things:We rescue lost colors in the different walls of that time, plates, old wood chairs, and objects with memories that we hung by all the house. The place, soft music, and the tenuous light invites to extended conversations, to feel like at home.

Grandma’s recipes: We built an open kitchen full of light, where aromas are an omen to what will be found at the table. Saucepans, frying-pans, elves and lades, share the rescue of old recipes.