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My name is Ron and on Wednesday, November 12, 2012, I and my camp dog Betty (think golden retriever crossed with dachshund),decided to try the 60 km road to the hot springs. I had been told that the road had major damage and they were right. The first mile has broken up asphalt which makes for a somewhat smooth ride. Then of course it is the washboard express. On the side of the main road there are sections of a frontage road that is in better shape. But you have to be careful because that side road can be washed out. Most of the main road is decomposed granite but there are spots where it is sand. I was driving a 1988 ford f-150 with no 4 wheel drive. I took the idea of going it slow to save my tires and the old truck. This is the endless road to hell. Several wild burros held us up for carrots. Betty felt we should not encourage them, even though they were right in the middle of the raod and would not move without a bribe. As we were leaving one of the burros tried to stick his nose in the window and have a sniff of Betty,who gave him what for. I stopped at a small rancho and asked a guy how much further. He said you want the correct about a cigarette. I offered him an apple. Oh well. On we went until we came to largest grove of olive trees I have ever seen. Went on and on. The good news is that just after that the road curves right, do not go left. The bad news is the road only got worse. In September of 2012 the remnants of a hurricane came through this area and dumped major rain. At least now I felt we were almost there --- stupid, stupid. Our speed went to 5 mph and camp dog needed a nap, so did I, so we just stopped in the middle of the road and took a quick nap. There were several really bad`spots`including one of all sand. I had to back up about 200 feet because I could not get any traction in first gear. Then the road began to be mostly small boulders. Very slow now. We crossed a stagnant stream and thought we must be there. Saw a sign and went down a`side road, it was the dump road. Broken glass every where. I know you have to dump it somewhere but why ruin this beautiful area. Now we must be getting close---right? Then I pull up short. Up the canyon I see a fire--oh no--not that much more. I am now reduced to a crawl. This bad, I need a baja 1000 trophy truck at this point. Finally I limp into the oficina. I am greeted by a woman who speak little English, that is OK, I speak little spanish. I tell her I would like to spend 3 days there. She goes down the road a bit and starts yelling at her husband basically saying - "I do not know how this dumb gringo drove up this road when you would need a pack mule, but now he wants to stay here, great". I know the published price is $35 a night and he did come down to $25 but that was still too rich for me. I said how about 100 pesos a night---wrongo. Adios, as I slowly drive back down hell road. But I did find a great dry camping spot off a side road that was hard against the granite cliffs and it was free. What a view of milk way at midnight.