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Commercial images[edit]

Hi, everyone. Let's discuss the images of the Gaultier store, the table setting at La Palme d'Or, and the Hotel Martinez. Are they sufficiently iconic or interesting to withstand the test for commercial images?

My feeling is that the photo of the Hotel Martinez is pretty and evocative, but its listing is a bit touty ("well-appointed rooms"), and will get a little edit from me in a second. However, if the hotel truly is a grande dame like the Hotel Negresco in Nice (and maybe even if it isn't), I think the photo should stay.

The Gaultier shop window is probably fine, too, because it captures some of the character of the city.

However, I think that the place setting at La Palme d'Or - Michelin stars aside - is nothing special as an image, and that the Hotel Martinez, where the restaurant is, has already received enough publicity in this article, so I would suggest deleting it.

I look forward to hearing your views. Ikan Kekek 17:11, 14 June 2012 (EDT)