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Hi I would like to add a couple of things, but I don't know the details of them so if someone comes along and knows them can you consider these suggestions:

- If you have a care or are are able to hire one, there is a really beautiful scenic drive below tuggeranong and out to where the observatory and the dam. The bushfires of a couple of years ago have dramatically altered the landscape but it's still really beautiful.
- You could also go swimming in the local swimming spots such as Pine Island (South East) of Tuggeranong Mall or Kambah Pool which is to the left of the suburb Kambah. They are both really lovely places to swim and Kambah Pool has nice picnic areas and a nudist beach (or so legend has it). Both of these swimming places are in the river (don't know what name)
- Also the town Tharwa is nice and if you drive down, you could go to Lanyon homestead.
- I don't know if it still exists after the fires, but there used to be a wonderful animal sanctuary in Tuggeranong on the way to the observatory. When we went, there were a lot of kangaroos by the road and we saw an emu as well.
- I also know it's possible to hike up some of the mountains in the ACT, but I don't know the details.
- The botanic garden are also lovely.

- I would just like to thank the person who typed the fact each greyhound leg must be booked seperatly to obtain a discount. You've saved me about $16. thankyou


Something oddly missing from Canberra is a list of Embassies. "See" currently has a bit about checking out the embassies and suggests a self-drive tour, which makes me think that it should be listed in "Do" as in a self-drive tour of Canberra's foreign missions. It is something unique to Canberra in Australia and well worth it for any visitor with a car (or bike for that matter). Wikitravel:Where you can stick it directs embassies to be listed in the cope section, as it is something of particular use for foreign travellers. So I suggest here that the current "See" listing is transplanted to "Do", and a comprehensive list of embassies (etc) created in "Cope", along the lines of Washington DC#Embassies. Thoughts? Ronaldo123 02:22, 7 March 2009 (EST)

When the embassies become an attraction, they should be in see, and not cope. Having to drive to see them, doesn't make them a Do thing. Do implies there is some physical participation in the actual activity. I think they are correctly listed in See. No harm in adding more detail - or even a section - there. --Inas 18:18, 7 March 2009 (EST)
Fair enuf. List added. Comprehensive! But good to print to make up a self-drive tour. Ronaldo123 06:22, 8 March 2009 (EDT)