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Hi Readers,

If you get to Malaysia I would recommend visiting the Cameron Highlands, it's a beautiful place and the scenery is fantastic.

I spent 3 days here with my wife in April 2006, we had a really great time and the locals were very friendly.

It is a very cheap place to stay and would recommend traveling as far north west as you can as the views are better and more wild.

The weather here is quite wet and climate is cooler, but once you start hiking, it can get humid.

There is many things to see here and I enjoyed walking up the hills to some of the tea plantations and check out Cactus Valley.

I won't give to much else away, as I'll ruin the surprise, enjoy it folks!

Glen from England


Please explain why the content in the "Understand" section and "The mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson" box should be deleted. I realize that the stuff in the box is inessential, so if you feel very strongly that it's less interesting than distracting, I can understand that. But what's wrong with the stuff in "Understand"? Ikan Kekek 01:53, 4 February 2011 (EST)

I am similarly perplexed by the editing being performed by the anonymous IP 220.255.X.XXX.
  • 1. Deletion of the material in the understand section, indeed not just deletion of material but the whole section. Either correct it or improve it, don't just delete it. It seems to describe the situation and location reasonably well. I also note that this content deletion has now required a re-instatement by several WT editors
  • 2. Similarly the listing for The Lord's Cafe alt Formerly - T's Cafe, why is this being deleted? The edit notes refer to an "incomplete name", the reasonable assumption is that this IP editor must therefore know of a 'fuller' or more complete name, why then not enlighten us all and just put in the full name, why delete the entry?
  • 3. There has recently been a series of irresponsible and unproductive edits to this article, this is a good example. An IP editor reverted all the prior edits to such things as km, hr, min, AM, PM. Tel formatting, removal of a wikipedia link from a listing URL field, and instead re-instated a whole bunch of inappropriate images, re-capitalised content and re-touted previously de-touted listings. Indeed the inappropriate images had been placed into the article at a previous time and were removed, re-instated and removed again. Later they were put back in and subsequently removed again.
  • 4. "Boutique" hotel is a descriptive term, no need to remove that description unless it is factually inaccurate.
  • 5. The removal of the long spiel on some character who disappeared there in the past. Not sure about the appropriateness to an info box but if it has some bearing on the context or history of the area then I cannot see a huge problem with it. It seems the story at least connects with the history of a significant local attraction, it is therefore not appropriate to delete it, especially without explanation on the talk page, and more so when it has been re-instated by other editors. However I think this IP editor is possibly deleting it because he put it there in the 1st instance.
  • 6. Country Side Tour by Kang Tours & Travel listing is a bit borderline on WT tour policy as they just seem to be packaging a bunch of destinations together, however when I earlier considered that listing myself I could not reconcile it against "value added" and so left it there after cleaning it up a bit in regard to page display issues it had. Perhaps it should remain deleted as this business is already listed several times in the article and the individual operations are clearly connected and clearly there is some considerable effort being made to use this article to promote and cross promote the activities of that business. These operations share a website, phone numbers and addresses. Indeed Jungle Bar, Daniel's Lodge Jungle Travelers Bar, Daniel's / Kang Travellers Lodge, Kang Travellers Hotel and Kang tours all seem to be the same operation and as per WT policy should only have one listing here.
  • 7. This article has been in a bit of a mess in regard to fulfilling WT formatting and content guidelines. Recent improvements to the formatting and presentation of existing content, re-formatting to WT style guidelines have all been reverted by what appears to be a single IP editor operating from a quite narrow IP range.
  • 8. This IP editor appears to be re-instating content that they have previously deleted and deleting content they have previously re-instated. Really the interest in mysterious disappearances, the Singapore IP, the general interest in the Cameron Highlands and the edit histories kind of gives away who you are. Try and be more positive and productive in your edits or just leave it alone. Clearly you know something about the location and can make a useful and productive contribution, however please follow the manual of style. The photos have been removed as they are in breach of WT guidelines in relation to advertising, direct promotion of a business and because there are people in some of the images for which no release has been supplied. felix 16:19, 4 February 2011 (EST)
This IP address again deleted the "Understand" section. I think this individual is abusive and should be blocked. Ikan Kekek 05:07, 6 February 2011 (EST)

If you don't like the contributions that are coming your way, please do away with the invitation to "Plunge forward".

Status (June 1, 2011):

Exaggerations = >5 Grammatical errors = >10 Redundancies = >8 Outdated prices = many.

Then change them in line with Wikitravel guidelines, manual of style etc. Life really is that simple. --Burmesedays 08:14, 1 June 2011 (EDT)

Tours in the Do section[edit]

These tour companies may be in breach of standard Wikitravel polices as detailed in the activity listings guidelines, in particular pertaining to the the provision of tours. The tea company listed is a little different, they are apparently offering something the traveller could not do on their own, assuming that people cannot normally just wander all over that tea plantation unescorted.

Country Side Tout seems to be just packaging something readily available, Rainforest Adventure 2 is borderline as it could be argued that "constitute a value-added activity" provisions apply to that provider.

These two listings seem a bit doubtful, the 2nd more so than the first. -- felix 06:34, 5 February 2012 (EST)

  • Rainforest Adventure 2 (Rafflesia) Tour, Tanah Rata, +60 13 440 8422. For those who prefer to do jungle trekking with a guided tour and travel by 4WD Land Rover. See the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia is the flower of an endangered species of parasitic plant, often nicknamed the corpse flower due to it's rather pungent odor. Itinerary includes visiting an aboriginal village to try out a blow-pipe. Please book in advance and check for Rafflesia availability as the flower is seasonal). RM98.00.  edit
  • Country Side Tour, Tanah Rata. This is a regular and cheapest sight seeing tour in Cameron Highlands. 5 major tourist attraction. RM 25.  edit