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Transport in and out of byron bay[edit]

Premier Coaches are the main bus company in & out of Byron Bay. They come a few times a day. Both to Brisbane & Sydney. The drive takes 12hrs from Sydney & is mainly done with an overnight drive. Other options are the local Kirklands buses which go a few times a day through the Gold Coast to Brisbane. McCaffertys Buslines also run frequent services to Byron Bay.Trains services now go with a bus link to Casino where there are a few trains per day which come from Brisbane & end at Sydney. Oz Experience buses also connect with Byron Bay.There are a few small coaches which offer a cheaper ride to Sydney, when they still have places available. You can enquire about them normally in backpacker hostels or the many internet places.But by far the most cost effective & comfortable way to get in & out of Byron Bay is to fly to Ballina airport which has bus/taxi links to Byron Bay once he plain has arrived. They have at least 5 flights a day from Sydney & start from $88

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-- You'll find a variety of places to stay, from budget to luxury, in and around Byron. Prices vary, based on location, facilities and fixtures. Off season rates can be half the price of peak season. The following information can be used as a rough guide to peak season rates:

   * Houses & Cottages : Absolute beachfront is usually the most expensive, with rates of about $3,500 up to $8,000+ per week. Houses & Cottages in other parts of Byron start at about $1,700 per week.
   * Apartments : One bedroom apartments in a resort styled complex (onsite management) start at about $2,100 per week. One bedroom apartments in a regular complex (without onsite management) start at about $1,300 per week.
   * Hotels / Motels : Start at about $150-$200 per night per double.
   * B&B / Guesthouse : There's quite a variety - from converted workman's cottages, to modern houses with a couple of rooms added on out the back, to purpose built beachfront luxury. Rates range from about $140 to $450 per night per double.
   * Hostels : There are a number of hostels / backpackers in Byron Bay. Rates start at about $20 per night for a dorm. 


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