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More to do?[edit]

I would very much like to see this article eventually become a Destination of the Month (DotM), but at the moment it is seriously deficient in things under the "Do" heading. Only two things to do in a city this large and significant? Doubtful. Could someone who knows the city take a hack at it? -- Bill-on-the-Hill 19:43, 22 December 2007 (EST)

Have you been to Brazil? The only Brazilian that would recommend a visit to Brasilia is either a) born there and proud of it for some reason, or b) an over-the-top Oscar Niemeyer enthusiast. There is really very little to do in Brasilia. On pt: there is even one enthusiastic administrator who is from Brasilia and the pt: version of this article contains only one more Do item than en:, and it's a once a year fashion show. If this article grows much it's all going to be fluff, I think. There are about 25 Brazilian destinations I'd rather see become DotM than here. Texugo 00:19, 23 December 2007 (EST)
Fair enough, and while I argue that it's a "significant" city, your point that it's not an interesting city is well taken. Still, I live in a city one one-hundredth the size of Brasilia that has more in the "Do" section. Surely there has to be something more to do there! -- Bill-on-the-Hill 00:31, 23 December 2007 (EST)

Article status[edit]

This looks like a guide-status article to me. If this is usable, I think "useable" is far too broadly defined. LtPowers 16:46, 18 January 2009 (EST)

Car rentals[edit]

This long directory list was obviously copied from some source in Portuguese. I'm posting it here... Texugo List of car rentals:

  • Airport:

AVIS RENT A CAR Setor de Locadoras lt. 5 Tel: +55(61) 365-2344 - Fax: +55(61) 365-2780 Open: 8h às 18h in the store, after 18h in the airport balcony, untill 0h.

LOCALIZA RENT A CAR Setor de Locadoras lt. 3/4 Aeroporto – Lago Sul Tel: +55(61) 365-1616 - Fax: +55(61) 365-1916/2312 Open: 6h to 0h

  • Hotel Sector/Central Area:

CITY CAR Hotel Nacional Gallery Loja 46/47 – Setor Hoteleiro Sul (near Galeria Station) Telefax: +55(61) 3323-1713 Open: 8:30h to 18:30h

OPÇÃO Setor Hoteleiro Norte loja 150 Kubitschek Plaza (near Galeria Station) Tel: +55(61) 328-5999 - Fax: +55(61) 328-9058 Open: Mon-Fri 8h to 18hs, Sat 8h to 14h

  • South Wing:

ALOUCAR EQS 102/103 Bl. A loja 111 Cine Centro São Francisco – Asa Sul (close to 102 Sul Station) Tel: +55(61) 3226-3888 - Fax: +55(61) 3322-5774 Open: 8h to 18h

BRASCAR EQS 102/103 Bl. A loja 120 Cine C. S. Francisco – Asa Sul (close to 102 Sul Station) Tel: +55(61) 3322-3447 - Fax: +55(61) 3322-3447 Open: 8h to 12h; 13h30 to 17h

DISBRAVE Quadra 503 conj. A loja 44 (close to 102 Sul Station) Tel: +55(61) 3327-4792 - Fax: +55(61) 3365-1584

LOCACAR EQS 102/103 Bl. A loja 16 Cine Centro S. Francisco – Asa Sul (close to 102 Sul Station) Tel: +55(61) : 3223-1869 - Fax: +55(61) : 3223-1869

LOCALÍDER /RENT A CAR EQS 102/103 Bl. A loja 122 Cine Centro S. Francisco – Asa Sul (close to 102 Sul Station) Tel: +55(61) : 3226.3545 - Fax: +55(61) 3323-4237

NOBRETOUR EQS 102/103 Bl. A loja 42 Cine Centro S. Francisco – Asa Sul (close to 102 sul Station) Telefax: +55(61) 225-7175 Open: 9h to 18h

'BRASAL LOCADORA' Industry Sector - SIA Trecho 2 lt. 630 Tel: +55(61) 363-2884 Fax : +55(61) 363-2882 Horário de funcionamento: 8h às 18h, seg. a sex.

  • North Wing:

CONCORD SCLRN 715 Bl. A loja 21 – Asa Norte Fones: 273-2500 /9985-2371/ Fax: 3479313 Open: 8h às 18h

QUASAR SCLRN 704 Bl. F LJ/38 – Asa Norte Tel: +55(61) 328-7755 - Fax: +55(61) 328-0282 Open: 8h às 18h

  • Other Places:

JORLAN RENT A CAR Industry Sector - SIA Tr. 3 lt. 1 - 130/1180 Tel: +55(61) 362-2222 - Fax: +55(61) : 362-2200

NET RENT A CAR Southwest Sector - CLSW 103 Ed. Rhodes Center II Bl. A lj. 44 - Setor Sudoeste Tel: +55(61) 344-6330 - Fax: +55(61) 368-2882Horário de funcionamento: 9h às18h